Hi, I’m Lydia Martin.


As a precocious five year-old, I decided I wanted to stop sucking my thumb. Just making the decision wasn’t enough to break the bad habit though. I needed a plan — a way to track my progress. So I made a calendar with a hundred days on it. Every day I didn’t suck my thumb, I crossed a day off. As the months passed, the calendar starting filling up. At the end of the hundred days, my bad habit was gone.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had successfully created a system (a set of concrete, interconnected steps designed to reach a desired outcome). Thus started my love affair with good habits and efficiency. In the years since then, I graduated magna cum laude from Yale University, started an organizational consulting business, and transitioned into Product Management at a tech corporation.

These days, I’m writing a book called Big Bytes: Maintaining Your Health and Privacy in the Age of Digital Obesity. You can read excerpts here and explore some of my other favorite books here. 


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