Hi, I’m Lydia Martin.


As a precocious five year-old, I decided I wanted to stop sucking my thumb. Just making the decision wasn’t enough to break the bad habit though. I needed a plan — a way to track my progress. So I made a calendar with one hundred days on it. Every day I didn’t suck my thumb, I got to cross a day off. As the months passed, the calendar starting filling up. At the end of the hundred days, my bad habit was gone.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had successfully created a system (a concrete process used to facilitate a desired outcome). Thus started my love affair with efficiency, good habits, and getting shit done.

Since graduating magna cum laude from Yale University, I’ve worked for myself, at start ups, and at large corporations. I’ve learned that all businesses, no matter their size or field, need to have good systems and a culture of improvement in order to succeed. In my blog, I explore exactly how we can get there.

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